This website is for the express purpose of providing Hanover County, VA residents with information they may need to determine if they should appeal their 2010 real estate tax assessment. This is NOT a Hanover County Goverement website. You can contact Hanover County Assessors office at (804)365-6029

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 Steps to Appeal RE Assessments

Step 1 - Informal Appeal - This review period is January 4 - 22nd, 2010
The first step in an appeal is an informal meeting or telephone call with an appraiser in the Assessor’s Office. Appeals are most often settled at the informal level. However, if you are not satisfied with the results of your informal review, you have more opportunities in the following steps.

You DO NOT need to have an informal appeal to file a formal appeal

Step 2 - Formal Appeal - The deadline for this is on March 15th.
The second step is to submit a formal appeal to the Hanover County Board of Equalization, as allowed for in Code of Virgina (COV 58.1-3350). Hanover County will not have the appeal form to the BOE on the website until January 22, 2010, when the informal review period is over.

The Board of Equalization is an independent three member board, as authorized by the Code of Virginia(COV 58.1-3378), appointed by the Circuit Court Judge and trained by the Virginia Department of Taxation. They have no connection to the Assessor’s Office, but may utilize the Assessor’s Office staff and information in reviewing appeals and setting up meetings.

Step 3 - Circuit Court
If the results of your formal appeal are not satisfactory to you, the third and final step would be to take your case to the Hanover County Circuit Court.