This website is for the express purpose of providing Hanover County, VA residents with information they may need to determine if they should appeal their 2010 real estate tax assessment. This is NOT a Hanover County Goverement website. You can contact Hanover County Assessors office at (804)365-6029

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Assessment Review Period

This notice was posted to the county website today. There is a discrepancy with the date, as soon as it is corrected we will update.

Assessment Review Period Lasts Through Jan. 19

Jan. 6, 2010

All Hanover County property owners have through Friday, Jan. 22 to discuss their assessments with the Assessor’s Office. The number is 804-365-6029.

Following your discussion with the Assessor’s Office, your assessment will be evaluated. After this evaluation you will receive a letter advising you as to whether your assessment will be adjusted.

Property owners also have the right to appeal their assessments to the Board of Equalization, a three-member panel appointed by the Circuit Court Judge. Applications to the Board of Equalization must be received in the Assessor’s Office no later than March 15.

Assessment notices were mailed on Dec. 31. Values changed on approximately 10,500 parcels, with only 56 being increased. Of the 48 neighborhoods that experienced a changed value, values went down in 46 of them. Values decreased on both new and existing homes.

All Hanover County parcels are evaluated every year. Sales information is gathered from buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. Sales prices are compared to the assessed values to arrive at an assessment/sales ratio. A neighborhood is selected for reassessment when its assessment/sales ratio is significantly below or above 100%. Comparable sales information is used as a basis for the assessment of individual properties after the sales are carefully analyzed.

Hanover County offers tax relief programs landowners who have agricultural or forestal uses or keep it in open space, as well as for elderly or disabled citizens below specific income and net worth thresholds. For more information about these programs, call the Commissioner of Revenue at 804-365-6129.