This website is for the express purpose of providing Hanover County, VA residents with information they may need to determine if they should appeal their 2010 real estate tax assessment. This is NOT a Hanover County Goverement website. You can contact Hanover County Assessors office at (804)365-6029

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Board of Equalization APPEAL FORMS

Board of Equalization


Couple of things to know when you contact the assessors office:

1. The assessor will want to come to the property owner’s home and do an inspection and measure the property. The assessor will tell the property owner that their assessment could go up or down based on what the assessor finds. There is an obvious implied threat that their assessment could go up. And it is an attempt to distract the property owner from the real question of how the assessor’s department arrived at the assessed value. Just like real appraisers the assessor is suppose to use recent comparable sales in determining a value for the property – And that is the information the property owner needs to get. Once you know what data they are using it’s much easier to question the assessment with better data.

2. The second statement from the assessor will be along the lines of asking/demanding “you wouldn’t sell the property for less than the assessment would you?” Trying to get the property owner to agree and prove the assessor’s value. Again this is an attempt to misdirect the property owner from the real issue: what specific data did the assessor use to determine the value of the property?

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